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05-02-2011  Grecia TV nazionale “NET TV”

La TV di stato greca NET ha mandato in onda un servizio sul test dell’Energy Catalyzer del 14-01-2011 a Bologna con intervista al Professor C. Stremmenos ed ad un manager della societa’ greca Defkalion Green Technologies che entro l’anno comincera’ a produrre in serie gli Energy Catalyzer da 10 e 20 kW.

The First Mainstream Coverage on the Energy Catalyzer and Defkalion Green Technologies.

Credits to the author: http://talefta.blogspot.com/

summary of the news story:

0:000:32 “there might be a solution for energy production issues through the fusion of hydrogen and nickel. This is what Focardi and Rossi claim, in the midst of reactions and dispute, during the presentation of their reactor. As they state, this apparatus can be placed anywhere and cover even household energyy needs. The discovery is already being exploited in Greece”.

0:321:05 Blah – blah on hydrogen and cheap energy, Stremmenos talks abour a revolution in energy production

1:051:24 Stremmenos interview:
“we are headed away from energy medieval ages. So it seems. It will depend on further research and the study of applications so that all levels where green energy is needed can be covered”.

1:241:39 In a press conference Rossi and Focardi revealed that they are already moving towards marketing the catalyzer. Greece, as they emphasized, leads the way through Defkalion Green Technologies, based in Athens, that has undertaken the production and exportation of their discovery.

1:391:57 interview in english

1:572:04 the journalist asks if it is possible to move towards freeing ourselves from the dependency from oil and coal, and the production of energy at low cost and no pollution

2:042:36 Stremmenos’s interview.
Says this energy is clean.
Interviewer: “how can you be so sure”?
Stremmenos: “first because I have worked in the research of such systems and i never observed radiation of any kind, second because in three exhibitions it has been established by third party observers, specialists in measuring radiation, that there was no dangerous radiation”.

The rest is blah – blah cheap energy, blah – blah you can use it anywhere.

Energy catalyzer – Defkalion Green Technologies on NET tv HD

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